How do you think you performed at the interview?

I felt confident after the interview, especially since it turned out very differently from what I had anticipated. I expected the interview process to be very cut-throat, with students shooting down one another, but it was actually a very cordial and civil affair.


If you could do it again, what would you do differently?

I would definitely go in with a less aggressive mentality!


What can you share about the interview in general?

I think it is important for prospective students to understand that the interviewers aren’t out to fail you, or to weed out the ‘losers’ from the ‘winners’. The interviewers are friendly and try their best to facilitate the discussion.

When one of the students got a little tongue-tied, the interviewer stepped in to prompt him by asking another question. This helped him continue the discussion from a different angle.

Be at ease. When you are comfortable, you will be able to participate better. Everyone will be able to tap on that energy and you will naturally do well too.


What was your strategy for the interview?

I did not know much about volunteerism (the topic of discussion), so I decided to draw on my own experiences instead. As I was doing a business internship at the time, I focused on the importance of volunteerism for business in today’s context.


Can you share 3 tips for prospective students preparing for their LKCSB interviews?

Firstly, I think it will be very useful to meet a current or former SMU student to understand the way classes are conducted, as I feel that the interview process is very similar to the classroom setting.

You should also familiarise yourself with current affairs to supplement your general knowledge. It’s not necessary to memorise specific dates, events, names, companies and so on. Just be sufficiently acquainted with what’s happening.

Lastly, go into the interview with a positive mindset. I’ve heard of students getting so nervous that they freeze in the classroom and end up not participating at all. I saw it happen in my own interview, where some students sat through the whole session without uttering a single word. If you don’t take the initiative, the opportunity to speak will just slip through your fingers. You owe it to yourself to put your best self forward, and to present yourself skilfully and clearly.


What are some of your afterthoughts on the SMU interview process?

I thought the interview would be an aggressive process, where everyone would argue and contest for a spot in the university. As it turns out, everyone was very cordial and the interview setting was not the least bit imposing. Everyone was casually seated around the classroom and not lined up for a panel of judges to scrutinise as I had imagined.

Keith Chnioh, Year 3
Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
SMU Men Soccer, President of SMU Men Soccer
National Junior College