What was the interview process like for you?

The interview started with basic introductions. The first few questions were geared towards understanding why I wanted to study at the SMU School of Social Sciences. Following that, the discussion became more animated as we shared our perspectives on ISIS and the Middle East Conflict. I felt quite relieved that the interview was not as formal or serious as I had expected. I also appreciated the deep insights shared by the professors during the discussion.


What do you think the faculty hopes to achieve from the interview?

The interview started with some general questions, so I think the interviewers wanted to get to know me (i.e. the prospective student) better as a person, paper qualifications aside. For example, they asked me what I did as a Head Intern at Youth Corps Singapore, what the organisation was about, and what some of the Sustainable Community Projects spearheaded by the organisation were.

As the interview progressed, I felt that the interviewers wanted to better understand the reasons for my choice of school and discipline. For instance, they asked more general questions that would demonstrate my thinking skills, allow me to articulate my own opinions and reasoning, and which were related to the discipline (social sciences):

Why do you want to study in School of Social Sciences?

Why are you interested in the Israel-Arab conflict?

What are your thoughts about ISIS?

Who do you think is responsible for ISIS?

How can we tackle ISIS?


Can you share 3 tips for prospective students preparing for their SOSS interviews?

Read up more (both in breadth and depth) on the social sciences, as well as on related topics that interest you.

Prepare your answers for typical interview questions. You will be better able to leave a deep impression if you are confident and articulate.

When preparing your answers and reading up on relevant topics, take some time to pay attention to your personal values. I think self-awareness is important. Don’t try to put up a façade during the interview, especially if you are unsure of certain topics.


How did the interview process prepare you for your SMU journey?

It prepared me to speak up in class and engage in active discussions with my professor. I have become more confident than ever in sharing my ideas and offering alternative perspectives.

Lee Ci En, Year 1
School of Social Sciences
Bachelor of Social Science
SMU Students’ Association, Associate; SMU Women’s Connection, Sponsorship Director; Youth Corps Singapore, Advocate
Victoria Junior College