What was the interview experience like for you?

I’m sure that every student will feel nervous before and during the interview, be it to a large or small extent. I was certainly nervous, but I told myself that I had to try my best to stand out from the rest and leave a good impression. When the interview began, I spoke up quickly so as to be the first to give my opinions, but ended up rambling on about things that were not related to the article being discussed.

Thankfully, I managed to calm myself down. I focused on what others were saying, contributed to the discussion, and tried to give a closing answer that evaluated everyone’s points fairly. This seemed to impress the professors and I felt quite good after the interview.


What do you think the interviewers are looking for?

I think the interviewers are looking for students who are able to think on their feet and who can present themselves well. The interview felt more like a conversation, and we had to be able to contribute quickly and meaningfully. It isn’t really something you can study for, as it requires some quick thinking on the spot.


What tips do you have for prospective students going for their interviews?

Being the first to speak does not mean you’re the best, so don’t rush to speak for the sake of it. If you are not sure what to say, let others speak first and listen to what they have to say instead, so that you may reply with your own take. Also be sure to form your own opinions; do not just agree with what everyone else says. Whatever opinion you share, you must always be able to justify it. This shows that you have a good thought process.


What can prospective students expect at the interview?

I interviewed with the Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB). Before the interview, I had a rough idea how the interview was going to be like from my friends who had already gone for their interviews. I knew that there would be a case/article for each group to read and discuss during the interview.

The questions asked at the LKCSB interview mostly relate to the case/article being discussed. In general, I think students can expect questions relating to current affairs, both domestic and foreign.


How did the interview process prepare you for your learning journey at SMU?

It gave me an idea of how classes would be conducted in SMU. However, there are other things such as group projects, communicating with professors, networking with seniors and industry partners and so on that you will only experience during your SMU journey.

Lee Qi Ming, Year 3
Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
Handball, Member; SMU Sports Union, Deputy Events Director; Project Namaste, Head of Marketing; Project Paham, Project Leader
Dean’s List AY2014/2015
Raffles Junior College