If you could go back and change anything about your interview, what would it be?

Given the same interview, I would definitely read up more to improve my understanding of the accountancy profession and what the accounting course offers. That’s because I thought that I did not do very well for the interview. There were a few questions about the accounting industry in particular that I felt I didn’t answer very well.

I also think it would definitely be useful to practise interview questions in front of the mirror and try to appear confident while practising!


What are the main things you recall from your SOA interview?

During my interview, I was asked both the generic interview questions, as well as some unique ones. One interesting question that stood out to me was, “How do you think playing badminton might aid you to become a better accountant?”
I told the interviewer that playing badminton requires accuracy and precision, which I can apply to my field of study.
However, I faced some difficulty in answering questions related to the accounting industry and how it has evolved over the years. Eventually, I told the professor that I felt I wasn’t sufficiently prepared, but that I was genuinely interested in Accountancy nonetheless and hoped to study it in greater detail at SMU.
In my opinion, students should go into the interview with a clear and open mind and expect to think on their toes. The interviewers do not just look out for the right answers, but also answers that are articulated clearly.


Can you share 3 tips for prospective students going for their interviews?

Firstly, understand and know what the accounting course offers.
Secondly, show your passion in wanting to study accountancy.
Thirdly, be confident in yourself. Don’t doubt your answers.


Looking back, did the interview process give you an idea of what student life at SMU is like?

The interview process gave me a small glimpse into student life at SMU. Having said that, there were many more takeaways from my time in SMU that I could not have imagined during the interview process.

The SMU journey is both challenging and fulfilling. You will definitely benefit and gain certain traits that will be especially helpful once you enter the workforce – I became more confident and competent.

Lim Jie Rong, Year 2
School of Accountancy
Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc)
SMU Badminton, Vice President; SMU Squash Club; SMU Men’s Soccer
Hwa Chong Institution