What do you think the prospective students can do to stand out during the interview?

It is important for you, as a prospective student, to appear confident and display your ability to perform under pressure during the interview.

The interviewers may ask you to solve a real-world problem on the spot in front of other interviewees and the interview panel, so you will stand out if you are able to keep your cool and perform.


Is there anything prospective students should avoid doing during their interview?

During the interview, try not to appear over-eager when sharing your ideas, and avoid dominating the discussion. Do not succumb to group-think! Voice your ideas, even if they differ from those shared by the other interviewees. Also, do not treat the other candidates as competitors as every candidate will be assessed individually. Just focus on presenting your best self.


Based on your experience, what can prospective students expect during the interview?

There were several parts to the interview – a presentation, an estimation question and finally a short Q&A session.

I can recall that during my interview, an interviewer posed the following questions to all the candidates: “What other schools/ courses did you apply to?” and “If you were accepted to those schools/ courses and SIS, which would you choose?” Perhaps these are the more generic questions that most prospective students can prepare for.

I really liked the whole interview experience as it was very engaging and left me with a very good impression of SIS. I enjoyed myself throughout the session, and had fun interacting with the interviewers. I liked how the interview really challenges one to think on their feet.


Do you have 3 tips for students preparing for the SIS interview?

Firstly, know where your passion lies.
Secondly, find out more about the school and know what about SIS interests you.
Thirdly, stay calm before and during the interview.


Is there anything that you wish you knew before the interview?

Many view SMU interviews as something mysterious and intimidating. Oftentimes, you do not know what to expect and prepare for before the interview. As such, it is important that you keep an open mind. I would remember to remain calm and stay motivated by my passion for the discipline during the interview.


How did the interview impact you?

The interview process with SMU was my first ever interview with any organisation. I truly enjoyed myself and the adrenaline rush that came with it. Now, I always look forward to my internship interviews and I will always remember how important it is to stay true to yourself and your passion during the interviews. Interviewers appreciate people who are genuine and motivated.

Poh Lin Fang, Year 4
School of Information Systems
Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Bsc (IS)
SMU Track and Field Honorary General Secretary and Logistics Director
St. Andrew's Junior College