What do you think the interviewers are looking for?

I think the interviewers are looking for the ability to answer questions in a rational and composed manner. Students should think carefully about their answers and provide logical, coherent answers.


What was your interview like?

Generally, the atmosphere was nice and calm because I got to know the other two interviewees briefly while we were all waiting for the interview. We made sure that everyone had the chance to speak, so it was quite friendly.

During the interview, we were asked questions specific to the school. The questions included "What kind of lawyer do you see yourself as?", as well as "What kind of law do you intend to practice?"

In my answers, I shared my aspirations to help the community through pro-bono work. I also mentioned that I wanted to pursue corporate law. I had the opportunity to do some corporate law-related work during my internship at a law firm, and I was interested in doing more.


Can you share 3 tips for prospective students preparing for their SOL interviews?

First, be sure to read up on current affairs so that you can build informed opinions.

Second, prepare for general interview questions, such as "Tell me about yourself".

Last but not least, keep calm before the interview and do not panic!

Shannon Soh Xin Ying, Year 3 student
School of Law
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)
SMU Law Society, General Secretary
Nanyang Junior College